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How do I hire a Vehicle  and what are the conditions:

You can book online or call us and we will pick you up from your Hotel of course FREE OF CHARGE!

Note that in the high season ( July, August and September)
to book or call early enough to get your desired vehicle.

Fuel is not included in the rental fee and must be purchased by the customer.

Third party Insurance :

In Greece there is no full insurance on bikes, only third party insurance. That means in case of any damages caused by the driver the tenant will be charged for the damaged and broken parts to be replaced.
The insurance is void in the following cases:
If the driver consumes alcoholic drinks or takes any drugs
If he / she drives against the traffic regulations
If the bike is used for racing, motocross or any other reckless driving
If the bike is driven by a person not authorized on the rental agreement
If the agreed time of return has expired.

In Greece you have to wear a helmet! If not the fine is 350 €!!!
Motorentrodos  offer European certified crash helmets free and freshly disinfected for driver and co-driver.

Motorentrodos rent a Moto-Car-buggy-Quad provides technical support, therefore any bike which breaks down will be repaired /replaced efficiently anytime of course FREE OF CHARGE.

Our long presence in the tourism area and the unexceptionable customer relationships, allow us to know what you really need
and to propose you the best choices for unforgettable vacation.


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